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Natural Alexandrite Ring for sale on Aug 15 2007, at 14:32 in Natural Alexandrite Ring for sale
I purchased a stunning natural alexandrite ring a year ago. The ring had significant meaning to me at the time of purchase and I could not stop staring at my hand every time I wore the ring. However, now I find myself wearing it less and less and that makes me sad. I would love for someone who is going to enjoy this ring for a life time to have it in their possession and feel the joy I once felt when wearing this beautiful ring.

Round Mixed Brilliant Natural Alexandrite
.56 ct / 4.83-4.80x3.46 mm
Purple green changing to purple (vibrant)
The stone is set in a 18 kt white gold with .35 cts of diamonds
pictures available upon request.

I would greatly appreciate responses from only seriously interested parties.

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