1. Glossary of Terms for Alexandrite Gemstone Buyer and Collector's Guide
2. Alexandrite Frequently Asked Questions
3. Alexandrite Buyer's Guide
4. Alexandrite or Diaphanite?
5.  A Bibliography of Alexandrite Gemstone Buyer and Collector's Guide
6. Alexandrite Gemstone Buyer and Jewelry Collector Guide
7. Alexandrite, Cat's Eye and Chrysoberyl Gallery
8. Stunning Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Round 6.10cts
9. Certified Natural Alexandrite Oval 2.04cts
10. Certified Fine Natural Alexandrite .2.60cts.
11. Strong Color Change Alexandrite Cushion
12. Certified Strong Color Change Alexandrite
13. Certified Strong Change Alexandrite 26.75cts
14. Certified Natural Alexandrite Oval 1.09cts.
15. Certified Natural 7.0mm Alexandrite 2.16cts.
16. Certified Natural Alexandrite Oval 1.34cts.
17. Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Oval 2.53cts.
18. Strong Color Change Alex. Oval 2.10cts.
19. Strong Color Change Alexandrite Oval 1.19cts.
20. Certified Fine Natural Alexandrite 1.41cts.
21. Sharp Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Oval 2.52cts.
22. Sharp Chrysoberyl Cats Eye Cab 3.29cts.
23. Certified Strong Change Alexandrite 21.23cts
24. Certified Natural Alexandrite Oval 1.23cts
25. Certified Natural Alexandrite Oval 1.31cts.
26. Strong Color Change Alexandrite Oval 3.06cts
27. Fine Sharp Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye 4.40cts.
28. Certified Natural Alexandrite 2.20cts.
29. Nice Natural Alexandrite Oval 8.94cts.
30. Top Gem Quality Natural Alexandrite 8.66cts.
31. Certified Natural Alexandrite Pear 3.06ct.
32. Sharp Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Oval 2.29cts.
33. Strong Color Change Alexandrite Oval
34. Certified Strong Change Alexandrite 1.79cts.
35. Strong Color Change Alexandrite Oval .96ct.
36. Certified Natural Alexandrite Trillion 2.03cts.
37. Sharp Chrysoberyl Cats Eye 5.90cts.
38. Certified Natural Alexandrite Oval 1.85cts.
39. Beautiful Sharp Eye Chrysoberyl Ov. 2.01cts.
40. Nice Chrysoberyl Pear Shape 2.64cts.
41. Beautiful Sharp Eye Chrysoberyl Ov. 2.67cts.
42. Nice Emerald Cut Chrysoberyl 8.18cts.
43. Fine Cut / Good Clarity Alexandrite 3.03cts.
44. Quality Alexandrite Pear Shape 2.12cts.
45. Lively Daylight Green Alexandrite 2.55cts.
46. Stunning Chrysoberyl Trillion 13.75cts.
47. Strong Change Natural Alexandrite 10.20cts.
48. Alexandrite 3.03cts.
49. Fine Sharp Chrysoberyl Cats Eye 2.25cts.
50. Quality Natural Alexandrite Cushion 2.70cts.
51. Fine Cut Chrysoberyl Trillion 2.84cts.
52. Certified Fine Natural Alexandrite 4.16cts.
53. Certified Natural Alexandrite Oval 1.19cts
54. Top Gem 6mm Strong Change Alexandrite 1.19cts.
55. Bright Alexandrite Oval 5.16cts Super Value!
56. Nice Color Change Alexandrite Oval 2.09cts.
57. Certified Natural Alexandrite Oval 1.01cts.
58. Certified Strong Change Alexandrite Oval 3.52cts.
59. Certified Strong Color Change Alexandrite 1.04cts.
60. Strong Color Change Oval Alexandrite 1.47ct.
61. Fine Color/Cut 8x6mm Chrysoberyl Oval
62. Strong Change Natural Alexandrite 13.55cts.
63. Large Collector Alexandrite Oval 6.23cts.
64. Certified Fine Natural Alexandrite 1.24cts.
65. Quality Orissa Alexandrite Oval 1.60cts.
66. Fine Color/Cut 9.2x6.5 Chrysoberyl Oval
67. Strong Change Natural Alexandrite 7.24cts.
68. Certified Natural Alexandrite Cushion 4.12cts
69. Strong Change Natural Alexandrite 8.08cts.
70. Certified Moderate Change Alexandrite 3.20cts