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Tsarstone collectors guide

Alexandrite gemstone buyer and jewelry collector guide

"Beauty, durability and rarity; such are the three cardinal virtues of a perfect gemstone. Stones lacking any of them cannot aspire to high place in the ranks of the precious stones." G.F. Herbert Smith (1872 - 1953)


1723 - 2000

According to a widely popular but controversial story, alexandrite was discovered by the Finnish mineralogist Nils Gustaf Nordenskjold, (1792 -1866) on the tsaravitch Alexander´s sixteenth birthday on April 17, 1834 and named alexandrite in honor of the future Tsar of the Russian Empire.

History and mystery, fiction and reality, still the story of alexandrite is forever linked to the last of the Russian Tsars. More than any other gemstone, alexandrite has captured and captivated the interest of collectors and connoisseurs since its discovery in the Ural mountains almost 200 years ago. And despite its short history, this remarkable and very scarce gemstone has already been ascribed with a variety of magical properties, stories and a noble history.

See Chronological History of Alexandrite

The definitive guide - how to select, buy, care for and enjoy gemstone varieties of chrysoberyl
Chapter 1. Insidious Siberian
Chapter 2. Diaphanite or Alexandrite?
Chapter 3. Species and variety
Chapter 4. Classification and properties
Chapter 5. The Alexandrite effect
Chapter 6. World occurrences
Chapter 7. Synthetics and imitations
Chapter 8. Myths, legends and lore
Chapter 9. Alexandrite buyer's guide
Chronological History of Alexandrite
Methods of producing synthetic alexandrite
Synthetic gemstone growth techniques
The Alexandrite Laser
Frequently Asked Questions
Glossary of Terms

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