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Tsarstone collectors guide

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Chapter 1. Insidious siberian
The prophetic Russian stone - Alexandrite
Chapter 2. Diaphanite or Alexandrite?
Alexandrite or Diaphanite?
Chapter 3. Species and variety
Chrysoberyl Species and Variety
Chapter 4. Classification and properties
Chrysoberyl Classification and Properties
Chapter 5. The Alexandrite effect
The Alexandrite Effect
Chapter 6. World occurrences
Alexandrite World Occurrences
Chapter 7. Synthetics and imitations
Alexandrite Synthetics and Imitations
Chapter 8. Myths, legends and lore
Alexandrite Myths, Legends and Lore
Chapter 9. Alexandrite buyer's guide
Alexandrite Buyer's Guide
Chronological History of Alexandrite
Chronological History of Alexandrite
Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Terms


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