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Tsarstone collectors guide

What is the best way to clean and take care of alexandrites?

With a hardness of 8.5, Alexandrite is a tough, hard, and durable gemstone that doesn't require any special attention. Still, even the hardest gemstones can shatter with a single well-placed blow so caution is always a good idea. Washing dishes with your alexandrite ring on is probably not prudent but definitely, don't repair your car or fix the plumbing with your alexandrite ring on.

The best way to clean alexandrite jewelry is in a bowl of water with a few drops of ordinary dish detergent. Then just rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Alexandrite jewelry can also be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath or steam cleaned without any problems. To keep your alexandite ring looking brilliant, remove it before vigorous exercise or working with your hands. When removing your ring, don't pull it off by the gemstone .. this won't damage the alexandrite but it can over time stretch the metal that holds it in place making the setting less secure.

Don't store your jewelry items in pile or a tangle in a drawer. Alexandrites and other gemstones can scratch each other and also damage the finish on the metal work so store every jewelry item separately in its own individual bag or compartment.

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