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Tsarstone collectors guide


Professional appraiser associations and private appraisers recommended for valuation of natural loose alexandrite gemstones and alexandrite jewelry.

Resource listing

Jewellers Vigilance Canada (JVC)
An independent, non-profit association to advance ethical practices within the Canadian jewellery industry.
The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers
Conducts various programs designed to serve the interests of both its members and the public at large in matters relating to appraisal theory and valuation science.
The International Society of Appraisers
A non-profit association includes respected independent appraisers, consultants, estate liquidators, auctioneers, gallery owners, and dealers.
The American Society of Appraisers
An organization of appraisal professionals and others interested in the appraisal profession, representing all of the disciplines of appraisal specialists.
National Association of Goldsmith
Supports National Association of Goldsmiths' Registered Valuer Scheme. All N.A.G. Registered Valuers throughout the United Kingdom have proved their expertise and with formal gemological qualifications and substantial experience within the industry.
The Association of Jewellery Appraisers
Provide the general public with a source of jewellery appraisers with high standards of accuracy, presentation, ethics and integrity.
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