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Tsarstone collectors guide

Gemstone dealers

References on online gemstone wholesalers and retailers offering natural loose alexandrite, cat's eye and yellow chrysoberyl gemstones for sale.

Featured listing

Multicolour Gems
Specializing in African colored gemstones including alexandrite, Madagascar sapphire and tanzanite. Also includes general information about gemstones and gemological articles.

Resource listing

Embassy Emeralds
Online dealer of fine, cut Colombian emeralds in a variety of shapes, including emerald cut, oval cut, and fancy cut emeralds.
China Stone
Sells precious and semi-precious gemstones in calibrated and free form sizes. Also precision machine-cut sapphires and rubies featuring perfect symmetry and polish.
Offers over 150 gemstone varieties, including loose stones, pearls, cameos, carvings, cabochons, faceting rough, rare minerals and natural crystals
Pala International
Wholesale precious and semi-precious gemstones to trade members only. Also features educational articles on all aspects of gems, gemology and mineral specimens.
Retails most gemstone varieties. Also includes general information about the gemstones and comprehensive guide to emeralds
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Professional appraiser associations and private appraisers recommended for valuation of natural loose alexandrite gemstones and alexandrite
References and resources on jewelry retailers, designers and manufacturers selling alexandrite jewelry or accepting custom alexandrite jewel
List of well-known gemological laboratories equipped to test chrysoberyl gemstone varieties, including identification of natural alexandrite
Reference collection of gemological tools and synthetic gemstone manufactures, including manufactures of synthetic alexandrite and cat's eye
List of museums featuring gemstone and mineral collections or exhibitions and recommended for further study of alexandrite and related gemol
Reference collection including books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, magazines and periodicals recommended for further research of alexandrite
List of organizations involved in the regulating of gemstone and jewelry trade, mining and dedicated to scientific study of gem materials.
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