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Alexandrite Guide Forums

Colour change garnet on Apr 5 2009, at 13:17 in Colour change garnet
<![CDATA[I want to know more about colour change garnets. From all the comments I have read, I understood that the colour change in garnet is supposed to occur between morning and late afternoon light, which is not the same as with alexandrite color change phenomena which cause colour change depending on daylight and incandescent light. Does it mean that garnets will not change colour under an incandescent light bulb?

What causes the garnet colour change? Is it the alexandrite effect or some other optical phenomena, like the Usambara effect for colour changing tourmalines?

I saw brown to red and greenish to reddish colour change. But garnets come in all kind of colours - pink, red, purple, orange, yellow, violet, green and even colourless. What kind of other colour change in garnets exist?]]>

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