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Emerald Cut Alexandrite, 12.53 ct on Aug 30 2007, at 00:30 in Emerald Cut Alexandrite, 12.53 ct
<![CDATA[Hi everyone!

I recently (today!) got from my mom a really nice emerald cut Alexandrite. It was set in a ring she inherited and she wanted to use the gold so I asked her if she would give me the stone, which I didnt know what it was. It is a very nice one and it goes from a deep blue green/violet to a bright red wine color.

According to the measurements and this site it says its 12.53 carat. I've seen some sites where some of these go for very high prices

So now Im curious as to how much could my stone go for? And if people actually pay those prices...

And also for those that know... how do I know if mine is lab grown or natural?]]>

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