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My mother has an Alexandrite ring she may wish to sell on May 25 2010, at 07:18 in Alexandrite Ring
<![CDATA[Hi Tracy,

It is unlikely that you have Russian alexandrite. Besides, experts in late 19th century antique jewelry acknowledge strong color resemblances between Brazilian and Russian alexandrites, but the Russian stones are said to be slightly darker and less clean than their Brazilian cousins. There are many gemologists that can distinguish between natural and synthetic alexandrites, but few have ever had the opportunity to study any Russian stones.

The retail replacement cost for a 1ct. alexandrite could be anywhere between $500 to $12,000 per carat. Russian origins of the stone won't really play any role in the pricing, because the intensity of the color change and the attractiveness of the colors are the most important factors in determining the value of an alexandrite gemstone.

Anyway, your first and most most important step is to get identification certificate for your alexandrite from the reputable gemological laboratory. After you ensure that your alexandrite is natural, you can appraise your ring. Your best choice is a professional appraiser from a major appraisal organizations, with standards of education and codes of ethics. Contact The American Society of Appraisers


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