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<![CDATA[I would like to add to discussion that anyone would have about alexandrites, especially the russian ones. If you have or suspect you have an alexandrite, be careful who you take it to. A reputable gemologist who is willing to put it through the battery of tests not just look at it is who you want to seek out. If the gemologist picks it up looks at it and then hands it back and says nope its synthetic, get your self out of there as fast as you can. They cannot and i repeat cannot be checked that way. Also about the synthetic ones. Sure they made sythentic stones in the late 1890's but they were microscopic in size. It wasnt until around 1902 that they were made about the size of the head of a pin. And it was a ruby to boot. Synthetic alexandrites were made in around the 1960's bya company called CHATTAM. I would like to find serious people who are interested in dicussing alexandrites. My favorite is the siberian one. as it is usually eye clean and very nice to look at. contact me at

linda silljer]]>

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