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Tsarstone collectors guide

Alexandrite guide forums

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<![CDATA[Alexandrite Frequently Asked Questions]]>
<![CDATA[I think FAQ for your guide will be very useful. To let you started: What is alexandrite?

<![CDATA[The FAQ page will be posted shortly.]]>
<![CDATA[What is the difference between cat´s eye and alexandrite?

<![CDATA[Are there any ways to improve alexandrite colors by any special treatment like heating?

<![CDATA[Hi there

got a 5.01cts stone mounted on a ring. RI gave away as Alexandrite.
deep green in day light to strong reddish purple in artifical light.
Chelsea filter gave a strong red reaction . UV - LW moderate Red and
SW - chalky moderate yellowish Orange effect...

I am confused with the SW reaction !!!!!!!! Is this normal ??
Will a Natural Alexandrite show this reaction in SW??

Inclusions are hard to see but saw something like clouds lined up not
sure what it means... cant see any other growth structure coz. of the

Does the SW reaction seem strange for a natural alexandrite or its
high probability of a synthetic??

Any help would be appreciated

<![CDATA[So far, there is no way to improve the colors of alexandrite by heating. We have already tried and were unable to change the colors at all.]]>
<![CDATA[How did you manage to get an RI on a mounted stone? I would take the stone out of the setting and recheck the RI and study the inclusions. According the R. Webster, natural alexandrite shows a weak red glow under both long and short UV. And yes, it should turn red in a Chelsea filter because of the chromium content. However, I don’t think fluorescence or a chrome filter will give you a conclusive identification because synthetic alexandrite probably reacts the similarly. Anyway, there are several manufacturers of synthetic alexandrite and their UV reactions will vary.
As far as I know UV light reactions are not at all useful to differentiate between natural and synthetic alexandrite. You really need to look at the inclusions or send the stone to a competent lab.]]>
<![CDATA[I have Alexandrite Peices which are rough (raw) and they are 2 to 7 carat in size. I would be glad to know if I can get information regarding it and where do I sell it in India and Whom to contact. Alexandrite are color changing.

<![CDATA[We have an old ring that is approximately 3-4 carets, round cut set in 18c gold. The jeweler we took it to told us it was an alexandrite. The color changes from dark purple to deep green. I am not sure if it is a genuine natural stone or lab created - my guess would be lab or simulated since it is so large. Can you give me an idea on the approximate value of this stone/ring ?

Debra Legato]]>
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