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<![CDATA[Russian Alexandrites
Language: English
ISBN 978-3-510-65262-4, bound, price: 34.80 €


About The Book

In this book the author present an historical overview of emerald mining in the Urals, the discovery of Russian alexandrites in the Uralian emerald mines, the naming and historical use of alexandrites and their appearance and display in mineralogical museums and the gem trade. Morphology and twinning of rough alexandrite is described for single crystals, single contact twins and cyclic twins (trillings). Mineralogical and gemmological properties are thoroughly explained and numerous photo-micrographs of inclusions and growth patterns in faceted samples are presented.

Chatoyancy and asterism of alexandrite and chrysoberyl from Russia and Sri Lanka are also described. A further chapter deals with characteristic growth patterns of Russian, other natural and synthetic alexandrites. Colorimetric data of Russian alexandrites and green chrysoberyls are explained using the CIELAB colour space, and the distinction between these varieties is explained. A chapter on trace element chemistry and locality determination rounds off the book.

Book is illustrated with more than 200 colour figures and photographs, addresses mineralogists, gemmologists, historians, mineral and gem collectors as well as all members of the gem trade. An extensive appendix containing lists of historical names, a time table and numerous references provides valuable information on Russian alexandrites for all researchers in the mineralogical and gemmological fields as well as for gemmological laboratories, jewellers and gem dealers.

About the Author

Dr. Schmetzer is an independent gemmology researcher and consultant based in Petershausen, Germany, near Munich. He specializes in the mineralogy of gemstones, characterization of natural and synthetic gem materials, description of new gemstones and new gem localities, causes of colour and colour changes produced through treatment, and differentiation of natural gemstones from their synthetic counterparts.
As prolific author, Dr. Schmetzer has produced nearly 400 papers and articles, mostly in English and German, which have been published in the major gemmological journals, including Gems & Gemology, Journal of Gemmology, Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie Monatshefte.
He is a member of the editorial board of the American, Australina, and French gemmological journals. He has been invited to lecture at special gemmological conferences in the United States, China, Brazil, Austria and Switzerland, and he is the German delegate to the International Gemmological Conference.

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