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Tsarstone collectors guide

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<![CDATA[An alexandrine is also a line of poetic meter and very common in the German literature of the Baroque period and in French poetry of the early modern periods. There is some doubt as to the origin of the name; but most probably it is derived from a collection of Alexandrine romances.]]>
<![CDATA[Alexandrine is also a name for the Afro-Asian Alexandrine's parrot (Psittacula eupatria). Originating from India, pressure to cater to the demands of the pet trade have caused a drastic decline in this species. It is illegal to trade in Alexandrine Parakeets in India and yet these birds are sold in broad daylight in urban bird markets, suggesting that the Indian government is allocating insufficient resources towards the protection of this beautiful species.

By the way the picture below is named "Dewey" who is very playful and can be very talkative, and a superb imitator.


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