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Tsarstone collectors guide

Alexandrite guide forums

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<![CDATA[I would really like to find out more about my alexandrite ring please. i was going to actually sell it for ten pounds, I didnt realise the potential value of alexandrite. I am so glad I didnt!
If I describe it in detail, perhaps someone could tell me if it sounds 'nice'? I understand valuations can not be done, but maybe just a bit of guidance, or anything? Please?
Ok, the ring setting is gold, it has those extra 'shoulders' thst go from ether side of the ring to the 'nest' part where the stone sits. From the side view when ring is held upright with stone facing directly upwards, the prongs make the nest look just like an old fashioned crown, a kings or queens crown. There are 6 prong things.
Now the stone. I have been told by a very well established and highly respected jeweler that the stone is an alexandrite. I didnt get a valuation or anything, i was at work, and I just quickly showed it to him. he looked rather shocked to be honest.
The stone is oblong, measuring 14mm x 11mm. It is approximately 5mm deep, but thats quite hard to measure because of the nest/setting. I think its pretty accurate though.
The colour... depends on the light and the angle I hold it at! At first glance, i would say purple, warm purple. Then where the light catches it, again depending how I hold it up, the is a deffinate blue tinge. Sometimes, there even seems to be a sort of goldish/tannish/yellowish hue, but its not easy to spot to be honest. Seems easier to pick the yellowy hint out when I hold it by the window.
Well, as Ive said, its onlong in shape. The very topside (is that the face?) is flat, and has a, like a bevelled edge that slants outward and downward, almost like the roof on a house? Then the edge meets the underside edges which mirror what Ive just described. However, the underside is not flat like the upper side. it resembles the roof of a house again, but this time viewing the house roof from the top, instead of from side on like above. So, the underside is made up of four sides, the front of the roof, the back of the roof, and the gables of the roof which are smaller than the front and side. The front, back and sides (gables) of the underside are very gently ridged, with the ridges very neatly going from side to side, not up and down.
I can post a few photos but I know they are rubbish, I took them with my mobile phone. However, maybe a rubbish description couple with rubbish photo's might present a slightly clearer picture of my ring?
I doubt it is worth much, Im never lucky like that! I am curious though, maybe it's going to be my lucky ring, maybe it IS valuable! However, i shall not live in too much hope. I shall just go now and give it a good wash. Since I have been studying it so hard to describe it to you, I have realised that it is mucky. very mucky! :) I do hope someone will tell me if it sounds like it MAY possibly be a good ring, or if it sounds like I have got nothing but rubbish.
Thankyou very much indeed anyone who bothers to read all of this, i am extremely grateful if you have got to the end here.
Respectfully Yours,
from the healer and calmer of animals.]]>
First, do no harm.
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