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Tsarstone collectors guide

Alexandrite guide forums

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<![CDATA[Check this story. What's this all about?

Sculpture gets new hue
Gazette-Times reporter

"The sculpture, called Electric Field, contains a series of X’s and triangles, representative of athletes in a generic football play. These symbols are illuminated by energy-efficient LED lights.
Oppenheim worked with Foress Signs of Albany to create acrylic covers for the lights made of a new material called chameleon plastic,? which was developed by Acrylite.

Farra Snook, Foress owner, said Acrylite won’t reveal exactly how the product works. He suspects, however, that the manufacturer found a way to synthetically create Alexandrite, a gemstone with color-changing properties.

Snook suspects Acrylite then grinds this substance down and uses it to treat plastics. "Electric Field" works like a prism, refracting light and picking up colors around the sculpture, Snook said. Because there are lots of trees near Parker Plaza, the X’s and triangles often appeared more green and yellow than other colors....

David Silverberg]]>
<![CDATA[An Acrylite sheet's surface shifts through the color spectrum as it is viewed from different angles and uses ambient light to provide a mirrorized effect. Developed for interior applications, the sheet has a treated surface incorporating proprietary technology to give the sheet its radiant effect. Acrylite beads can be used in jewelry.
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