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Tsarstone collectors guide

Alexandrite guide forums

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<![CDATA[I am wondering if the stones shown are for sale, specifically ref # YAX502aa, a faceted alexandrite 1.19 cts. 6x6 mm. If so, what is it being sold for. I am looking for a beautiful stone for a wedding ring and think this is it! It is also my daughters birthstone so it would make a fabulous heirloom. Thank you for your time. Rebecca
<![CDATA[Most of alexandrite gemstones here come from the Multicolour Gems Ltd collection. If you want to buy alexandrite, you can visit Multicolour Gems website:
Best Regards
<![CDATA[Hi Andrei!
I would like to know if there is a theoretical possibility, what the gem I have is a natural alexandrite.
The gem was a gift from Russian woman who lived in India for 30 years (1932-1962 approximately). As far as I know stone was purchased there.
The stone was presented to my family at 1972.
It is an oval step cut, size - 13 x 11 mm, eye clean. The color changes from medium dark green blue or blue green in cool daylight to medium reddish purple in incandescent light.
Thanks in advance,
<![CDATA[P.S. The stone has a Portuguese Cut, not step cut as I mentioned before. ]]>
Theoretically, your stone could be a natural alexandrite. However, 13x11 is a very large size for a natural alexandrite so I am doubtful. If you want to know for sure, send the stone to a qualified and experienced gemologist.]]>
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