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Tsarstone collectors guide

Alexandrite guide forums

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This alexandrite photograph and specification is the courtesy of I believe it is for sale at:
&lt; &gt; for $13.665.
As for the independent ( not sure about how reliable) appraisal you can try &lt;>, although it will be based exclusively on the web prices.
Best regards
<![CDATA[Just wondering what this stone is worth and how to get a reliable apraisal on such a stone?

Gary Rhoads]]>
<![CDATA[Please contact the folks at, for more information about this stone. The multicolour website lists many alexandrites with prices so you can get and idea about that. You can also search other websites to get an idea about prices. Website prices are mostly below retail. You can also try to compare with prices at gem shows and jewelry stores. For an independent appraisal, the stone should be submitted to an experienced gemologist and you might be able to find one in your area. The top gemlabs only do identifications, not appraisals.]]>

I believe I have exactly the same stone (size and cut) mounted in a 22 caret Gold ring, the style of the ring is late 1800's early 1900's.

This ring was given to my Mother in Law (my wife is Latvian) by and old lady in Latvia (Former USSR) Interestingly when the Item was purchased originally Latvia would have been independent but with strong trade links with Russia.
The old lady told my mother in law that she was given the ring in around 1900.

The ring is hallmarked.

The gem appears purple in artificial light and light blue in day light

How can I find out more about this stone and be sure its not a synthetic?

Thanks Richard]]>
How can I find out more about this stone and be sure its not a synthetic?
Hello Richard,
Most gemstones described as synthetic alexandrite are actually synthetic corundum laced with vanadium to produce the color change. This Alexandrite like sapphire material has been around for almost 100 years. The material shows a characteristic purple-mauve colour change. The stones will be very clean and may be available in large sizes. Gemological testing will reveal a refractive index of 1.759 - 1.778 (corundum) instead of 1.741 - 1.760 (chrysoberyl). Under magnification, gas bubbles and curved stria may be evident. When examined with a spectroscope a strong vanadium absorption line at 475 nm will be apparent.
However, the most assured way to find out if you have genuine alexandrite is to submit your stone for testing to the Gemological Laboratory. Here some links:
American Gem Registry, Inc.
American Gem Society Laboratories
Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences
European Gemological Laboratory USA
GemResearch Swisslab
Gubelin Gemmological Laboratories
Russian Gemological Server
Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britian
Best Regards
Andrei Vesselovski]]>
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