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Tsarstone collectors guide

Alexandrite, Cat´s Eye and Chrysoberyl Gemstone Gallery

"Beauty, durability and rarity; such are the three cardinal virtues of a perfect gemstone. Stones lacking any of them cannot aspire to high place in the ranks of the precious stones."G.F. Herbert Smith (1872 - 1953)
Left Certified Strong Color Change Alexandrite Certified Strong Color Change Alexandrite Ov. Alexandrite Pear Shape 1.01cts. Strong Color Change 9.2x4.6mm Alexandrite Strong Color Change Alexandrite Oval 3.06cts Fine Strong Color Change Alexandrite Round Fine Strong Color Change Alexandrite Oval Strong Color Change Alexandrite Trillion Right
Chrysoberyl gemstones identification and appraisal reports
By varietyBy originBy phenomenaBy enhancement
Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl)
Chrysoberyl (Chrysoberyl)
Cymophane (Chrysoberyl)
Andhra Pradesh (Asia)
Balangoda (Sri Lanka)
Deobhog area (India)
Horana (Sri Lanka)
Ilakaka (Madagascar)
Tunduru (Tanzania)
Cat's eye (Chatoyancy)
Change of color (Alexandrite effect)
Traditional (Cabochon)

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