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Tsarstone collectors guide

Chrysoberyl gemstones

Gem Cut 11.7x8mm Chrysoberyl Oval 4.53cts.


Grade Score 6 / 10

Price & Availability

RRP: $978.75 Offered through
Natural Chrysoberyl (Chrysoberyl) Tunduru, Ruvuma, Ruvuma Region, Tanzania 4.53 cts, Oval 11.70mm X 8.20mm X 6.10mm
Bright 13.6mm Chrysoberyl Trillion 8.25cts.


Grade Score 8 / 10

Price & Availability

RRP: $1584.00 Private collection
Natural Chrysoberyl (Chrysoberyl) Tunduru, Ruvuma, Ruvuma Region, Tanzania 8.25 cts, Trillion 13.60mm X 13.60mm X 6.50mm
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<![CDATA[beautiful, but am looking for marquise cut]]>
Posted by a Guest, Eleanor from Alaska on 09/01/10, 2:40 PM

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