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Tsarstone collectors guide

Nice Natural Alexandrite Oval 8.94cts.

Medium green in daylight and medium light orangy red under incandescent light, the color change is strong and attractive. Although the clarity is not that good, alexandrites this large are extremely rare. An antique setting might be the best way to set this stone.

Nice Natural Alexandrite Oval 8.94cts.
Natural Alexandrite Oval 8.94 cts Natural Alexandrite Oval 8.94 cts

Grade Score 6 / 10

Good (3/5)
Fair (2/5)
Very large (5/5)
Fair (2/5)
Extremely rare (5/5)

Price information

Availability information

Detail identification and grading report
Type: Natural
Species: Chrysoberyl
Variety: Alexandrite
Origin: Tunduru, Ruvuma, Ruvuma Region, Tanzania
Hardness: 8.5
Density: 3.75
RI-1: 1.741
RI-2: 1.76
Variety of work: Faceted
Designation: A (Not currently known to be enhanced)
Color light source: Cool daylight
Color description: G*5/2 (medium green)
Phenomena: Change of color (Alexandrite effect) Pleochroism Strong
Color phenomena: oR 4/3 (medium light orangy red)
Clarity type: Severely included (Type I)
Transparency: Transparent
Shape: Oval
Cut style: Step
Symmetry: Good
Brilliance: Poor
Polish: Exceptional
Width: 10.60 mm
Length: 13.70 mm
Depth: 8.20 mm
Weight: 8.94 cts
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