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Tsarstone collectors guide

Strong Change Natural Alexandrite 7.24cts.

Dark violet-green in daylight and red under incandescent light, the color change is strong. The stone is exceptionally clean and well cut. Alexandrites this large and this clean are very rare.

Strong Change Natural Alexandrite 7.24cts.
Natural Alexandrite Pear 7.24 cts Natural Alexandrite Pear 7.24 cts

Grade Score 9 / 10

Good (3/5)
Exceptional (5/5)
Very large (5/5)
Exceptional (5/5)
Extremely rare (5/5)

Price information

Availability information

Detail identification and grading report
Type: Natural
Species: Chrysoberyl
Variety: Alexandrite
Origin: Tunduru, Ruvuma, Ruvuma Region, Tanzania
Hardness: 8.5
Density: 3.75
RI-1: 1.741
RI-2: 1.76
Variety of work: Faceted
Designation: A (Not currently known to be enhanced)
Color light source: Cool daylight
Color description: vstbG 8/3 (very dark very strongly bluish green)
Phenomena: Pleochroism Change of color (Alexandrite effect) Strong
Color phenomena: slp/R*6/4 (medium dark slightly purplish red)
Clarity type: Eye clean (Type I)
Transparency: Transparent
Shape: Pear
Cut style: Step
Symmetry: Exceptional
Brilliance: Exceptional
Polish: Exceptional
Width: 9.70 mm
Length: 13.40 mm
Depth: 8.30 mm
Weight: 7.24 cts
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<![CDATA[I was browsing your site about Alexandrite stones. 30yes ago I was in Greece and purchased two rings beautiful mounted in 18k gold spiral basket/cage. I was told they were Alexandrite stones but that was irrevelant at the time. I just liked the way they changed in color. Mine are VERY similar to the one above. the pear is around 8cts and the oblong around 9cts. Had then looked at 25yrs ago but this guy wasn't really sure if they were Alexandrite or not. They were apprased around $8-900.00 then. I would liked to have them apprased again but do not know any one reputable here in Albuquerque,NM ]]>
Posted by a Guest, Angela from albuquerque, nm on 21/12/09, 12:39 AM

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