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Tsarstone collectors guide

Fine Sharp Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye 4.40cts.

Nice sharp eye with a great shape and an attractive milk and honey effect. Chrysoberyl is extremely hard and durable, only corundum and diamond are harder.

Fine Sharp Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye 4.40cts.

Grade Score 7 / 10

Good (3/5)
Exceptional (5/5)
Medium (3/5)
Inapplicable (N/A)
Hard to find (3/5)

Price information

Availability information

Detail identification and grading report
Type: Natural
Species: Chrysoberyl
Variety: Cymophane
Origin: Ilakaka, Horombe, Ranohira, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar
Hardness: 8.5
Density: 3.75
RI-1: 1.741
RI-2: 1.76
Variety of work: Traditional (Cabochon)
Designation: A (Not currently known to be enhanced)
Color light source: Cool daylight
Color description: gY*3/2 (light greenish yellow)
Phenomena: Cat's eye (Chatoyancy) Chatoyancy Strong (60%-64%)
Transparency: Translucent
Shape: Oval
Cut style: Polished
Symmetry: Exceptional
Polish: Exceptional
Width: 9.20 mm
Length: 9.70 mm
Depth: 5.50 mm
Weight: 4.40 cts
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