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Tsarstone collectors guide

Stunning Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Round 6.10cts

This one is a gem. Like most stones the color changes some depending on the light source and the eye actually looks sharpest with very low lighting. With rotation, the color changes and the milk and honey effect is best under low or incandescent light. The two colors are yellow and light olive. In fluorescent light the color boundaries are less apparent. The eye is straight and sharp viewed horizontally and also straight when viewed vertically with the light source directly above. If the light source is from the side, the eye is not as sharp and it does open and close the way cat's eyes are supposed to. Upon rotation, some kind of a minor twinning or zoning line is evident and itersects the eye at an oblique angle from some directions. Our best cat's eye in this size range.

Stunning Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Round 6.10cts

Grade Score 8 / 10

Good (3/5)
Exceptional (5/5)
Large (4/5)
Inapplicable (N/A)
Rare (4/5)

Price information

Availability information

Detail identification and grading report
Type: Natural
Species: Chrysoberyl
Variety: Cymophane
Origin: Tunduru, Ruvuma, Ruvuma Region, Tanzania
Hardness: 8.5
Density: 3.75
RI-1: 1.741
RI-2: 1.76
Variety of work: Traditional (Cabochon)
Designation: A (Not currently known to be enhanced)
Color light source: Cool daylight
Color description: gY 2/3 (very light greenish yellow)
Phenomena: Cat's eye (Chatoyancy) Chatoyancy Strong (65%-69%)
Transparency: Translucent
Shape: Round
Cut style: Polished
Symmetry: Exceptional
Polish: Exceptional
Width: 9.80 mm
Length: 9.80 mm
Weight: 6.10 cts
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