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Tsarstone collectors guide

Brazilian alexandrite

The second largest occurrence of alexandrite in Brazil produced deposits of larger alexandrite, although the majority of stones is occluded and translucent rather than transparent. Fine and gem quality larger alexandrite have been mined in miniscule quantity.

Locality details
RegionSoutheast Region
ProvinceMinas Gerais
LocalityEsmeraldas de Ferros
Time zoneUTC-3(-2DT)
Locality maps
Map of Esmeraldas de Ferros Satellite of Esmeraldas de Ferros

Esmeraldas de Ferros is a very rugged and difficult to access area. Mining is under primitive and dangerous conditions. Some of the smaller alexandrite crystals found are of gem quality, with excellent clarity and strong color change. Many of the larger crystals show a regular pattern of cavities that likely represent inclusions that have weathered away. Others crystals appear to have grown across the foliation of the schist, as shown by trains of micaceous inclusions, which create parting planes and increase susceptibility to physical weathering.

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