Sells a wide range of fine jewellery. Offers couture jewellery collections, bespoke jewellery service, registry lists and free UK delivery.
Fameo Jewellery Boutqiue
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http://www.fameo.co.uk 210 Upper Richmond Road

London SW15 6NP
United Kingdom (Great Britain)
N: Lorraine Miles
T: 0845 259 1358
F: 0800 471 5001
E: enquiries@fameo.co.uk

Fameo Online Jewellery Boutique specialises in design and manufacture of the gold, colour gemstone and pearl jewellery. Award winning jewellery designs and bespoke jewellery service. Provides jewellery collections showcase, buyers tips and jewellery guide. Fameo is the only online retailer to fully disclose all materials used in the jewellery through in depth specification for every jewel, regardless of the price tag. We strongly believe that online jewellery shopping in the UK will continue to thrive, so we are working daily to bring our customers an ultimate online experience, by offering a distinctive and inspirational range of jewellery exclusively through our state-of-the-art website.