List of well-known gemological laboratories equipped to test chrysoberyl gemstone varieties, including identification of natural alexandrite gemstones.

Resource listing

1. Gem Studies Lab
Gem Studies Lab The Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA) is Australia’s historic trade-accepted non-profit educational authority for gemology.
2. European Gemological Laboratory
Provides identification for rough and polished diamonds, colourless and coloured diamonds, as well as coloured gems and pearls.
3. Hong Kong Gems Laboratory
Provides identification and appraisal reports for rough and polished jade, colour gemstones and pearls.
4. Zenhokyo
One of the most authoritative gemmological laboratory offering gemmological analysis using the latest equipment.
5. The Russian MSU Gemological Center
Issues four types of identification reports in two formats, including Diamond Report, Gemstone Testing Report, Jewelry Report and Rough Diamond Report.
6. AIGS Gemological Laboratory
Well known laboratory for its expertise in coloured gemstones, especially ruby, sapphire, emerald, jade and rare stones. Also provides identification and grading services for diamonds and jewellery.