Alexandrite engagement ring?

1. Alexandrite engagement ring?  /by  Veldmore  at Nov 17 2007,5:11 PM/
Can a ring with alexandtrite in the middle be considered an engagement ring?
2. Alexandrite engagement ring  /by  Marisa Spano  at Nov 18 2007,3:11 AM/
Beautiful ring featuring a fine Indian Alexandrite
3. Re: Alexandrite engagement ring?  /by  Giuseppe Spadaro  at Dec 1 2007,3:12 AM/
4. Platinum Alexandrite Engagement Ring  /by  Alan Javore  at Mar 22 2009,2:03 AM/
Platinum engagement ring set with natural alexandrite and diamonds
5. Alexandrite and Pearls Bands  /by  Lorraine  at Mar 28 2009,12:03 PM/
Alexandrite and pearls engagement bands
6. Alexandrite - perfect engagement ring  /by  David Weinberg  at Apr 2 2009,5:04 AM/
Large alexandrites are extremely rare and often more expensive than diamonds.