Tsarina rings

1. Tsarina rings  /by  Lorraine  at Mar 17 2009,2:03 PM/
Tsarina rings showcase. Share your alexandrite rings. Vintage alexandrite rings, Art Deco and Victorian styles. Contemporary and engagement designs featuring natural alexandrite.
2. Stunning eternity alexandrite ring  /by  Alan Javore  at Mar 19 2009,7:03 PM/
Atunning eternity alexandrite ring
3. Very modern, sleek Alexandrite ring  /by  Francisco Pizarro  at Mar 19 2009,10:03 PM/
Alexandrites from this deposit are well known for their strong color change and superb blue green color in daylight.
4. Re: Very modern, sleek Alexandrite ring  /by  Angelica  at Mar 19 2009,11:03 PM/
5. Vintage alexandrite ring  /by  Alan Javore  at Mar 22 2009,2:03 AM/
Classic bluish-green coloration make this vintage alexandrite ring a standout
6. Alexandrite diamond ring  /by  Ellen Jabo  at Apr 11 2009,9:04 AM/
Brazilian alexandrite diamond ring