Colour change garnet

1. Colour change garnet  /by  Angelica  at Apr 5 2009,1:04 PM/
Colour change in garnet is supposed to occur between morning and late afternoon light
2. Colour change garnet vs Alexandrite  /by  David Weinberg  at Apr 7 2009,9:04 AM/
Color change comparison between alexandrite and color change garnet
3. Colour change garnet, Malaia garnet and malaya garnet  /by  Marisa Spano  at Apr 8 2009,8:04 AM/
Malaia garnet, malaya garnet and color change garnet are all a mixture of pyrope and spessartite
4. Causes of color change in malaia and color changing garnets  /by  David Weinberg  at Apr 9 2009,8:04 AM/
Garnet color change could also be influenced by the needle like inclusions of rutile or actinolite