Certified Natural Alexandrite Oval 2.04cts

The daylight color is a grayish green earthy color and the stone is red-purple under incandescent light. Under fluorescent light it is dark blue green. The color change is excellent. If you like these colors, this might be the stone for you. Alexandrite is very tough and durable and this particular stone might be good for a mans ring. I like this stone and bought it because of the large size and the strong color change at an attractive price. The cutting and proportions are excellent and the stone is very clean and free of any normal inclusions or fingerprints. The stone is somewhat silky or even adularescent and this is why we graded it as slightly included. The silkiness is probably responsible for the very good color change as well as the unusual dreamy luster that is more common in moonstones or catseyes. The stone is certified by AIGS and the mini certificate is included with the purchase of this stone.

Grade Score 8 / 10

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