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Tsarstone collectors guide


Page listings

Color change garnet vs Alexandrite
Color change garnets are notable for their color change throughout the day as a function of their sensitivity to the different color temperatures
The Purkinje Effect
Color change in the Tavernier diamond could be actually the Purkinje effect
Alexandrite Garnet
Color change Garnet is a mix of spessartite and pyrope garnet from Africa
Are there any other gemstones which change color?
How do alexandrite and color change garnet differ in appearance?
Chrysoberyl rough weighing over 2984.9 ct was valued at 175.000 USD
Natural alexandrite rough weighing over 2984.9 ct (597 gr) was found at the Malyshevskoye deposit's (Russia) in 2000 and was valued at 150.000 USD as as the opening bid.
A very large Alexandrite
Large chrysberyl
A very large Alexandrite
Huge 3,800 carat chrysoberyl rough
Alexandrite mining in Ilakaka
The government recently moved the gemstone buying area a few kilometers out of Ilakaka.
The Alexandrite Effect
Discussion about the alexandrite effect as a non-color-constancy phenomenon from the color theory perspective
What is the june gemstone?
What is the june gemstone - alexandrite, pearl or moonstone?
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