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Tsarstone collectors guide

Alexandrite guide forums

  • Discuss alexandrite gemstones from the gallery and all other types of natural color changing gemstones. Post pics from your collection.
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Topic Posts Views Latest
aleksandriitti suomi? started by lehtinen1 0 10471 Last post by lehtinen1 Sep 8 2011, 12:42
Alexandrite of Brésilia aproximatively 14 carats with another one half smaller of same crystal !!! started by Christian Courcelles 4 37192 Last post by Christian Courcelles Jan 19 2011, 05:25
Alexandrite Specimens started by Grant Pietersen 0 37191 Last post by Grant Pietersen Oct 7 2010, 12:55
Alexandrite Specimens for collectors started by Grant Pietersen 0 31122 Last post by Grant Pietersen Oct 7 2010, 12:53
Browse gemstones tagged with color change gemstone started by Eleanor 1 31571 Last post by Francisco Pizarro Jan 30 2010, 00:24
Colour change garnet started by Angelica 3 79998 Last post by David Weinberg Apr 9 2009, 08:55
Colour changing Kunzite? started by Angelica 2 76485 Last post by Dominica Lachance Apr 1 2009, 15:03
Cymophane or Cats eye? started by Anonymous 1 29099 Last post by David Weinberg Sep 3 2006, 09:46
Emerald Cut Alexandrite, 12.53 ct started by cristiamador 2 30716 Last post by John Sinth Sep 7 2007, 17:10
Grading a color change gems? started by Anonymous 1 27831 Last post by David Weinberg Nov 27 2006, 05:12
I was told this was an alexandrite when given to me. started by Delilah Torres 0 23838 Last post by Delilah Torres Jun 9 2011, 02:01
Looking for a alexandrite started by natyk 0 27488 Last post by natyk Aug 2 2007, 14:53
Natural Alexandrite Oval 3.06 cts started by Evgeny Oleynikov 0 5307 Last post by Evgeny Oleynikov Aug 4 2016, 04:47
Natural Alexandrite Pear 7.24 cts started by Angela 0 32384 Last post by Angela Dec 21 2009, 00:39
Portuguese Cut Alexandrite Round, 1.19 cts started by Anonymous 4 27977 Last post by David Weinberg Dec 24 2006, 21:28
Step Cut Alexandrite Oval, 2.6 cts started by Andrei Vesselovski 4 44392 Last post by Andrei Vesselovski Nov 21 2006, 20:09
Step Cut Alexandrite Oval, 3.03 cts started by Anonymous 2 30344 Last post by David Weinberg Oct 25 2006, 13:31
Step Cut Alexandrite Oval, 5.16 cts started by Anonymous 1 26937 Last post by Anonymous Dec 22 2006, 15:57
Useful tool for beginners started by gemboy 0 26849 Last post by gemboy Aug 27 2007, 10:30
värin vaihtokivi started by lehtinen1 0 11072 Last post by lehtinen1 Nov 25 2011, 10:31
What gemstones change color like alexandrite? started by Dominica Lachance 6 101118 Last post by Michael Vanevski Mar 20 2009, 00:13
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Alexandrite Encyclopedia
For educational purposes only. Questions and information about alexandrite, cats eye and chrysoberyl gemstones. Do not try to sell your jewelry of gems.
Treasure Hunters
Share your comments, images of mining, new mines, and new chrysoberyl finds. Post information and photos from field trips.
Tsarstone Museum
Talk about alexandrite jewelry, antiques pieces, alexandrite prices, grading and identification. Post your questions, comments and pictures.


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