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Tsarstone collectors guide

Alexandrite guide forums

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My fiance told me after watching the movie Blood Diamond, that she DO NOT want a diamond engagement ring. I know that she likes alexandrite, turquoise and pearls. Can a ring with alexandtrite in the middle be considered an engagement ring? Also, where can I buy good alexandrite ring? I tried few online retailers and now I kinda wonder if people will think that I am being cheap. ( Alexandrite rings priced between $300 - $1000?)
An alexandrite engagement ring - is very nice choice. Alexandrite is a beautiful gemstone and an excellent stone for the ring, but it can be expensive... and I mean a lot more expensive than any diamond ring. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend (and they defiantly should be side stones in your ring), but an alexandrite rings is something very very special.

Here is a photo of a beautiful ring featuring a fine Indian Alexandrite. Alexandrites from this deposit are well known for their exceptional daylight blue green colors. The center stone is encircled by high quality diamonds that continue along the shank from every side and through out the under gallery.


Check this store for more alexandrite rings:

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I would choose alexandrite for an engagement ring. Having a gemstone ring is becoming more and more popular because of the outrageous diamond prices. You can always get the ring set in a band with lots of little diamonds (pave style) that will cost A LOT less than one big diamond, and it will have beautiful sparkle.
Oval alexandrite 1.07 ct set with diamonds in platinum engagement ring.

Very interesting combination of pearls and alexandrite for an engagement ring. Tri-band 18K yellow gold ring, where two contains round pearls and one set with eight alexandrite is a narrow band.


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Alexandrite is perfect for an engagement ring. Only problem is, top quality 1ct.+ alexandrites are extremely rare and often more expensive than diamonds. For between $300 - $1000 you can get an alexandrite ring with smaller stones.


Natural Brazilian alexandrite in the center is beautifully accented by two round diamonds. Very nice, simple and stylish design for an alexandrite enggagement ring.


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Alexandrite is a remarkable gemstone featuring all the qualities needed for a perfect engagement or wedding ring: rarity, beauty, durability and history. Alexandrite is the only gem, which has a real nobility and exclusivity feel to it, regardless of the quality (you need to spend a fortune on a top range sapphire or diamond to have this feel).
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