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Tsarstone collectors guide

Alexandrite guide forums

  • The purpose of this topic is to better keep you informed about upocoming project developments
  • Latest In Development by Andrei Vesselovski on Sep 2 2006, at 18:33
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There are a number of things that need to be done:

- Basic rich text formatting needed in the post forms;
- URL addresses should be underlined and work;
- Post-moderation should be replaced with user registration;
- We should be able to edit (delete) our own posts/topics;
- We should be able to subscribe to the forum digest ( email);
- Read and unread posts should be clearly distinguished;
- Topics should have an option to display a defined number of posts ( pager);
- We should be able to pin and lock/unlock posts and topics;
- We need sorting for the posts and topics;

Best Regards
Andrei Vesselovski
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Alexandrite Gemstone Encyclopedia Wins IMA Award.
The Alexandrite Gemstone Encyclopedia excelled in all areas of the international competition's judging criteria, earning an overall score of 488 out of 500.
Why do you love alexandrite?
For me, it is due to the incredible rarity and value. I cannot think of a gem that comes close to the magical properties alexandrite...


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